opening day 

    Principal’s Welcome Letter



    Warm greetings to all of you and welcome to the Ellicottville Elementary webpage. On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to welcome you and your child to Ellicottville Elementary School. Everyone at our elementary school invites, encourages and values your active involvement as a partner in learning and community. Our team consists of an outstanding group of educators that is dedicated to providing an educational experience that is sure to create fond memories for years to come.

    The elementary school experience forms many building blocks for children as they mature and become more independent. It is during these years children become readers, they become social beings, they become problem solvers and they become members of a community outside their immediate family. Children gain independence and feelings of success by going to school, studying and learning in groups or by themselves, experiencing new activities in the arts and physical education and even by completing simple social tasks such as taking notes to the office. 
          As we continue the commitment to reading fluency and comprehension development, we will once again make the research-based decision to place reading instruction as our top priority. It has been proven time and time again that a youngster’s reading ability is the key factor to future success. We will be making instructional decisions based on specific student reading data. We will get to know every child’s reading strengths and needs. It is absolutely imperative that a youngster is reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade to ensure future success. As your child enters school this year please join us in our commitment by including reading activities in your home routines. Of all the activities you can do with your child, few will be as important as time spent reading and sharing books. Reading aloud is one of the best ways to give children the skills and desire for excelling with their reading ability. This time together will build a strong foundation, awaken your child’s imagination, increase vocabulary and attention span, and create a special bond between you and your child.

    I thank you in advance for also taking the time each day to talk with your child about their school experiences. We know they’ll have lots to share. Some conversation starters might include:

            “What was the best part of your day?”

            “What is something you did today that you feel good about?”

            “Tell me about something you read at school today.”

            “What is something you are looking forward to?”

            “What is something that you need help with?”

    “What would you like to read together that you brought home from school?”

    Please ask questions about material you see coming home, special projects and homework assignments. Whatever you are interested in your child will value. If you are interested in NASCAR, your child will be interested in NASCAR. If you are interested in fishing, your child will be interested in fishing. If you are interested in gardening, your child will be interested in gardening. When you are interested in your child’s progress at school your child’s interest in their own progress will follow. Your interest in your child’s educational progress will motivate your child to want to learn and do his/her very best at school.

                    You will find that my office is always open to parents, students and staff. Usually there is no need for an appointment, but you may want to call ahead should I be away from my office spending time in the classrooms. I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns or just to drop by to say hello. I look forward to getting to know you. I love working with children, families and fellow educators/learners. Rest assured I will work my very hardest everyday to ensure that every child at Ellicottville Elementary is safe, happy and able to do their very best. Please feel free to ask for a hand if you need to or lend one if you can because, “Hand in Hand, We All Learn Together.”



    Connie Poulin

    kind reading