St. Bonaventure University
Enchanted Mountain Scholarship
Students who plan to enroll at SBU as a freshman, full-time student in the fall of 2007 are eligible.
You must have a minimum 84% high school average and minimum 1050 SAT score.
This is a $13,500 per year scholarship!
Jamestown Community College
USA scholarship
This scholarship is for two years of free tuition at JCC.  Students who graduate in the top 20% of their class are eligible.  Students must enter as a freshman in the fall of 2007 to be eligible.  Applications are available in the Guidance Office.
University of Pittsburgh@ Bradford
Out of State Scholarships
Students who have a minimum 85% high school average and minimum 1100 SAT score are eligible to recieve $10,500 per year for four years. 
Many colleges offer similar scholarships, it's important to check out each college's financial aid page to determine what you may qualify for.